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We invest in, accelerate and build startups

Established in 2010, Craigie Capital has experience across finance, enterprise sales and technology.

Based in central London, we have invested equity in over 30 companies across the technology scene with a particular focus on high-growth and scalable startups in the following sectors. We also support companies across the UK and across the debt funding spectrum via Rangewell.


If you are unbundling and challenging the old traditional banking model or making the plumbing more efficient we should talk.

Big Data

Such an overused phrase, but we are looking for smart applications of either big data or algorithms with an identifiable market place.

Cyber Security

We focus on investing in scalable cyber security solutions for financial services or small businesses.


We believe that regulatory change is almost always an opportunity for start-ups and smart people with domain knowledge.

Enterprise & SaaS

We are particularly interested in B2B models and “utility” solutions that work across financial institutions and parallel businesses.


Notoriously difficult to market to but if you have an interesting product and good channels that convert we would love to chat.

We help startups realise their potential


We invest at the seed stage in strong teams that have proven domain expertise, built an MVP and have successfully achieved product-market fit. We're happy to lead rounds or co-invest with other angels or VC firms. We are investing our own money, have a unified investment approach and believe in simple term sheets to help us move quickly.


We accelerate very early stage startups by providing capital, hands on expertise and using our experience and network to help founders iterate products, hire the right staff and help achieve product-market fit as quickly as possible. We look for founders who have great ideas, are passionate about their business and have global ambitions.


We build robust and scalable startups alongside smart founders that have identified a market opportunity that they are deeply knowledgable and passionate about. We have the technical expertise and contacts to help build the product, market to customers and secure follow-on investment for the next stage of scaling and growth.

Who we invest in

We invest in solo founders, established teams and particularly people having a second go, preferably because you were mildly successful the first time, but know how you can be much more successful this time round. We focus heavily on investing in the London startup ecosystem but also look to partner with established entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Our Investment Partners


The London Co Investment Fund invests alongside Craigie Capital.

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Family Offices

Family offices and HNW's also invest alongside Craigie Capital. They choose us as their preferred option for deployment of funds into high-growth and early-stage ventures based in the United Kingdom.

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Get in touch

Contact us today if you're passionate, have deep domain knowledge and want to take the next step.


Need help with debt finance?

Rangewell helps businesses and their professional advisors find, compare, and apply for finance. Rangewell is unique in having mapped thousands of loan products from over 200 business finance lenders in the UK meaning it can provide businesses with a simple, transparent and independent way to apply for all types of business finance in the United Kingdom.